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What Can I REALLY Rely On?

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

We have all heard the old saying that the only things you can rely on are death and taxes. Isn’t that depressing? That’s a saying that originated with Benjamin Franklin, so it’s been around for a long time, so it must have at least some truth in it. I think the actual quote from Benjamin Franklin actually says something about those things being “certain.” Basically, Mr. Franklin was saying that out of everything in our lives, we can always count on death and taxes, whether we like it or not.

But one of my favorite verses in the Bible tells us that something else is “certain.” There is something else that we can count on and rely on to be true, always and forever. That certainty is Jesus. Now that’s not depressing at all–actually, Jesus is just the opposite! Jesus is the one thing that brings us all hope! Because of Jesus, we have hope for a future, hope for forgiveness, and for everlasting life!

The verse I’m referring to is Hebrews 13:8 (NIV): “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”

What stability and assurance that offers me! Jesus isn’t a fly-by-night operation, who will be here one minute and gone the next. He has ALWAYS been Jesus, and He ALWAYS will be Jesus! There really is something to be said about that steadfastness and permanence in our society today where things are so very temporary. Jobs are temporary. Relationships are temporary. Homes are temporary. There are not a lot of things to put your trust in these days. . . except for Jesus.

The other part of the verse that I like is that it says that Jesus is the “same yesterday and today and forever.” Not only are we assured of the permanence of Jesus, we can be sure that he won’t ever change, so we can rely on Him. We know exactly what to expect with Jesus, so there won’t be any surprises. He loved me yesterday, so I know He will love me today! He tells me exactly what is sin, so what He said is sin yesterday will be the same thing today and tomorrow. With Jesus, there is no changing, no second-guessing, and no wondering what might be different in the future.

Being able to fully, 100% trust someone is such an amazing feeling! Because as humans, we just can’t be trusted 100% of the time. We are humans and we make mistakes, but Jesus doesn’t. I love that trust factor! Even though I think I am fairly trustworthy, there are times I let people down. I forget about appointments with students. I forget about birthdays and anniversaries and other special days. I forget about praying for someone when I’ve said, “I’ll pray for you!” I don’t mean to let people down or to break their trust, but I am a human, and I do make mistakes. I am an unfinished woman.

I come back to this verse in Hebrews a lot when I am feeling overwhelmed or anxious as Jesus really is my rock and my foundation, and to know that He was and that He is and that He will forever be the same fills me with peace. I can rely on death and taxes to happen, but what I can REALLY rely on day in and day out to give me hope and peace is Jesus Christ. He is my rock, my foundation, my savior, my redeemer, and so much more, and He always will be!

Thanks for reading, friends!



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