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People keep asking us to share resources. So here it is--a page dedicated to resources you can print or use in your own ministry, teaching, fellowship, or walk of faith. Feel free to adapt or modify these activities as you see fit. 

Fill My Cup

Use this object lesson to examine lifestyle priorities and put the focus back on God. (Click the link to open the file.)

Sign Up Here!

Are you starting a new fellowship group? Do you need a sign up sheet? Start here by clicking this link: Brunch Sign Up.

The Survey Says...

This survey is not formatted for a bulletin but contains comprehensive questions. Download the survey to edit and distribute. 

The Year is Paved with Good Intentions

Ditch the resolutions! The year is paved with good intentions! Download these themed intentions and share with other women in fellowship. What is your intention for the new year? (We'd like to hear, too!)

Getting Women's Fellowship Started

Download the conference handout we used for national convention. Contact us for some tips! We'd love to help you get started (and join your brunch if we can)!

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