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Michelle & Julie speak at a variety of venues and events, tailoring messages for women. Experienced in public speaking, teaching, and writing, Michelle & Julie take an interactive approach to engage and connect with audiences. Messages can be adapted for time and activities. 

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Attitudes & Gratitudes

Have you ever found yourself down in the dumps? Gratitude can lift your attitude! The ancient wisdom from the Bible saying "Give thanks" has relevance. Michelle & Julie explain the social research emerging on gratitude and walk through strategies for going from bad attitude to gr-attitude!


Ditch the Resolution! Establish an Intention.

Every new year, disappointment finds me after failing yet another New Year's resolution. What if instead of a resolution, you could establish an intention? Intentions are more like commitments to pursue a good habit. Michelle & Julie define the difference between a resolution and an intention and offer audiences an tools and Bible verses for establishing intentions. 


The 4 Loves

C. S. Lewis talked about the 4 loves nearly a century ago. The 4 loves work together. Each of the loves plays a unique role in our lives and in our relationships. Michelle & July revisit the 4 loves, focusing on agape love or the unconditional love God gives us.


Imperfect, but Forgiven; Wonderfully Made

Psalm 139:14 in the Bible says we are "wonderfully made." Then, why are we imperfect? Michelle & Julie engage women in discussions about dwelling on imperfections and how women can focus on being perfectly imperfect, wonderfully made by God. 


Tiny Testimonies

Tiny stories are short stories of about 150 words. Tiny testimonies are similar but focus on testifying about God's love. In this workshop, Michelle & Julie will each share a tiny testimony of faith and walk participants through generating a tiny testimony of their own. Sharing stories is not required.


Found in Me

Have you ever wondered what the Bible says about you? All of the words are in there! Michelle & Julie will illustrate how the words in the Bible can speak to you and about you. Participants will look for their own words and begin constructing a "found poem" to recognize how God's love is found in them. 


I love Jesus, but . . . 

Struggling with imperfections can be challenging to our faith. Michelle and Julie offer a series of talks on examining and working on overcoming imperfections. For instance, "I love Jesus, but I don't always love my neighbor" delves into the commandment, what it means, and ways to learn to love difficult neighbors through prayer and petition.  


Poem Prayers

Acrostic poems use the first letter of a word to create series of words or phrases. In this workshop, participants will create an acrostic poem using passages from scripture to create a prayer for the name recipient. This workshop can also be used to create an artistic piece for gifting. 

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