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Whitewashed Wood

Our Work & Works-In-Progress

Our works, works-in-progress, and projects can be viewed here.  “We love Jesus, but we’re not perfect” became the cornerstone of our messages--ergo the title of our upcoming book. The stories posted on "Unfinished Women" are unique and new, but we anticipate the launch of our book in the coming year. In the meantime, check out some of our past events and projects.


We will keep you posted on the progress of our projects. Check back again!


Thank you for visiting!  


Michelle & Julie

Whitewashed Wood
Whitewashed Wood


Coming Soon

We love Jesus, but We're not perfect!

In our upcoming book, we grapple with our  imperfections while putting God at the center of our lives. Stories of their imperfections are delivered with humility and humor. Featuring testimonies for women, we hope to engage with women  who need to hear how God loves us, forgives us, and helps us with our imperfections.

Want to learn more about Unfinished Women? Do you feel the need for fellowship? Would you like to share your stories of faith with us? Feel free to get in touch, and we will get back to you soon!

Whitewashed Wood
Our Works
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