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"Jesus Loves Me" is my favorite song.

...and now, my declaration is also the title of this blog. One of my favorite versions of this song is by Go Fish. They just keep declaring, over and over,

Yes! Jesus loves me!

Yes! Jesus loves me!

Yes! Jesus loves me!

This I know!

Yes! Jesus loves me!

Yes! Jesus loves me!

Yes! Jesus loves me!

For the bible tells me so!

When I hear the Go Fish Guys belt this tune, I just get pumped about how much I am loved! The words of the verse are good too. Lately, I've been thinking about, "Little ones to him belong; / they are weak, but he is strong." God is our rock. Jesus is our redeemer. The holy spirit is in us, guiding us in our walk with Jesus. The 3 in 1 got us all up in their hands! When we are week, God has strength for our deliverance and salvation.

This song even tells us how Jesus saves us. Verse 2 says,

Jesus loves me he who died

heaven's gate to open wide.

He will wash away my sin,

let his little child come in.

Jesus loves me so much, he died for my sins. Jesus opened the doors to heaven for me. Me. And you. Yes, you. Jesus' blood washes away our sin and cleanses us. Because of Jesus' sacrifice, believers are welcome at heaven's gate. How extravagant that Jesus, the living sacrifice, would lay down his life for us. For me. For you.

Yet another thing I love about this song is the reference to where I can learn more about Jesus: "The Bible tells me so." You know what else the Bible tells me? How to love like Jesus, how to live like Jesus, how to honor Jesus. Declare it, friends! Jesus loves YOU!

Life can get hectic and busy. I am late getting my blog out because my schedule has been just too full. If you're like me and you just need a reminder, sit down with your Bible and listen to the Go Fish guys.

Praying for Jesus love on you,


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