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Snow Day!

Few things in life bring me the kind of pleasure that goes with a snow day! During the most recent blizzard, I watched the snowfall with great delight, pondering the possibilities of day at home. As the time passed, I started thinking about how I hadn't enjoy this much down time since the covid pandemic forced the world into global isolation.

During the pandemic, I made myself a promise to stick to my priorities:

  1. God & the study of his word.

  2. Dedicated time with my family.

  3. Exercise and dietary health.

  4. Finishing my dissertation.

Wow. It didn't take long for all of these things to take a backseat to other distractions once the world started moving again. I lost sight of my goals, and now I find myself struggling to prioritize and get back on track.

A few years ago, my friend meditated on Psalm 46:10:

Whenever I start adding things to my to-do list or losing focus, she quotes this gem to me: "Be still, Michelle. Listen to what God is trying to say to you." In the moments while I sat watching the snow swirl and land in front of my house this week, that verse kept sounding in my ears.

Most people who know me even fairly well know that I'm curious. So, easily distracted by each interesting new thing I don't know. Down the rabbit hole I go...Yet, in this moment, I decided to pause and reflect. Here I am-pausing and reflecting. Being still and listening for God's guidance.

Psalm 46 shows intentional faith in God's strength and defense. "Be still and know that I am God" means I don't have to worry about anything. God is taking care of all of my troubles. Early in Psalm 46, verses 1-3 say,

1God is our refuge and strength,

A very present help in trouble.

2Therefore will not we fear, though the earth be removed,

And though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea;

3Though the waters thereof roar and be troubled,

Though the mountains shake with the swelling thereof.


While the snow came down and blew around, closing the interstates, schools, and businesses across the state of South Dakota, I contemplated the security this verse offers. Even in the midst of all of this, God is here to comfort me. I don't have to be afraid because God's kingdom has peace in store for me should the conditions of my current world fall into disrepair.

The blizzard is over now, and my driveway and sidewalks are all shoveled out. As I shoveled my stoop, I listened to the soft hush of the snow as it slid off of the end of my shovel. I laughed at way the snow blew into my face in frozen fractals when I threw scoops of iced water against the wind. I stayed outside until my fingers started to feel cold. My boots are good--nice and toasty--so no chance of my feet getting frostbitten, but my mittens were wet after an hour of snow-day snow-play. Time to go inside.

This blog is being written as I warm up over a cup of coffee and a little snack, sitting in my easy chair, listening to Christmas music. I'm not exactly still now, but I feel the comfort of God guiding my steps after taking some time out to enjoy the white wonderland left behind by the storm.

Whatever you do on your snow day, take a moment to honor God. We'd love to hear your stories of how you spend your snow days!



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