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I Love Jesus, but I Had a Bad Day

Have you ever had one of those days where you woke up and the vibe was just down? I went outside this morning and said hello to the sun. While I was sitting there, I felt completely at peace. Then, I went into my house to get on with the rest of my day, and that's when Satan came in and tried to steal my joy. I was crying out, "God, I need help!" I thought, God, dude...where are you right now? The morning got ug-ly!

God was right beside me. I could hear his still small voice saying, "Be still. Just breathe." Psalm 46:10 played through my mind. Still, I walked around my house aimlessly crying out to God while crocodile tears rolled down my face. I heard God press upon my heart, "Water your plants. Get some exercise. Take some time to be still." I rebelled in my mind with the unending do-list I have, and now, I am writing this blog.

Maybe you think I am jumping around, and I am; that's how my brain felt this morning--jumpy, unpredictable, tempted, and trampled. I felt the pressures and stresses of life on my heart, and needed my God to be present. I was having a bad day.

A day earlier, I had been visiting with my friend, Beth, about all of my irons in the fire. She gave me some insight that while serving and doing kind acts for others is good, so God also wants us to listen to Him and take time to be still in His presence. Maybe God is also testing my ability to manage projects by saying no. Saying no is okay. Setting boundaries is okay. Last spring, Beth told me "Saying no now is so you can say yes later." I hung it on my wall in my office as a reminder; I should have also put a sign up at home. Now, her sage advice was revealing itself; I woke up to a pile of correspondence calling upon me, and I instantly knew God was talking to me through Beth. Sometimes, God has talked to others about me before, and I'm grateful He does this.

So, I'm not surprised that on this bad day--a day of overwhelming, suffocating emotions and stealing of joy--God talked to a friend about me, and she sent me a text reminding me not only of who I am to her, but of who I am to God:

I'm blessed with our friendship, too. Sometimes, I do need to take a minute to be still in God's presence and count all of the ways he has blessed me before I carry on. I am a child of the most high God. God created me for His good, but God also made me a human and commanded me to take time to rest, to budget my responsibilities, to know that He is god and I am not. Today, I am resting in faith that God will appoint someone else to do the work that I leave unfinished.

"Be still, and know I am God." Psalm 46:10

Friends, when you have a bad day, remember whose you are and "Be still."



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