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I Love Jesus, and I’m Just So Grateful for So Many Things!

I don’t know if I wrote about gratitudes last year at this time or not, but I am guessing that I probably did! Even so, I want to mention again how important it is to show our gratitude to God and to one another.

In my classes, I tell my students all the time that it is a good thing to show gratitude in every business correspondence they send out. Say “thank you” in emails, say “thank you” in letters, say “thank you” in memos, say “thank you” in proposals. I tell them that they can even say “thank you” in a complaint. I also say it’s not appropriate to say “thank you” for the terrible product or service, but it is appropriate to say, “thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.” There’s always a way to show gratitude and to say, “thank you!”

Have you ever heard someone say, “I just hate it when someone thanks me!” I haven’t! I don’t think anyone dislikes being shown gratitude. When someone takes the time to say, “thank you,” and they genuinely mean it, it honestly puts a smile on my face.

But why is it that I don’t count my blessings everyday? It’s really not hard to think of a few things every day that I am grateful for. Michelle and I used to text three gratitudes each day to each other for gratitude accountability, but we just let that habit go. Why? I suppose we got busy and then just got out of the habit.

Well, I say, I want to pick this habit back up again, and I want to try to carry it past November. I don’t have to wait until the Thanksgiving month to all of a sudden remember my gratitudes!

Why do I want to get started with writing down 3 gratitudes each day again? Well, first, God tells me in the Bible that I should show gratitude and tell God, “thank you!” Ephesians 5:20 says, “always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.” This is just one of many verses that tells me to “give thanks!”

Second, it makes me feel less anxious and less stressed out when I start sharing my 3 gratitudes every day. When I’m focused on the good things going on in my life, I can’t be focusing on the bad things or the scary things or the things I can’t control. It truly changes my attitude and my outlook.

Third, it can help encourage whomever I am sharing my 3 gratitudes with every day.

So here are my gratitudes for today 1. I am grateful for birthday suppers with friends (it wasn't even my birthday).

2. I am grateful for the warm body of my cat curled up on my lap to keep me cozy.

3. I am grateful for Trunk or Treat this year! I had so much fun handing out keychains and postcards with the dates of our women's events to all the women who came!

Here's a couple of pictures of Trunk or Treat this year:

Thanks for reading, friends!



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