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50 & Blessed!

Happy Friday, peeps! Yesterday, I turned 50 without much fanfare. Every decade I turn a corner, I expect to feel some thing spectacular. This year, like any other year, felt like another day. For once, I was grateful not to feel overly elated, overly depressed, or anything sensational. Instead, I felt a deep and abiding pleasure to be surrounded and supported by friends.

My family would've made it, but they all live far away. I still got the text message hugs and phone calls from my parents, brothers, cousins, and children. These also warmed my heart immensely.

Today, I reflect on the decades of my relationship fluctuations with God. Most women are probably not much different than me. I experience fluctuations of ups and downs, joys and sorrrows, victories and losses in my faith walk. I don't think there has ever been a time when I didn't believe that God existed. There, however, have been many times when I was angry at God, I turned away from God, I didn't understand God, or I didn't take the time to get to know God. There have been and are also times when I turn toward God, I beg God for help, I petition God for favor, I ask God's forgiveness, and I praise God. These seasons have shaped who I am not only as a person, but how I walk with God today.

Like the friend who gave me these socks, I wonder if God must think of something similar about me. Some days, I am a handful. Some days, I am kind of a mess. (My pastor even says I'm something else, but he means it in a positive way... 😉😊) God says I am uniquely and wonderfully made (Psalm 139). Everyday, God loves me. Everyday, I am forgiven and perfect in His sight! Perfectly imperfect, forgiven and freed.

Wherever you are in your faith walk today, I hope you will take some time and pause to feel God's love surround you. Happy Friday!

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Sep 09, 2022

Happy belated birthday

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